Revamping The Website

Photography is a lot of work. The good thing is that I'm obsessed with it (hopefully in a good way) so I enjoy it A LOT. Over the last year, I've kept quite busy with the several trips we were blessed to be able to do, shooting locally here in Colorado, and also taking a lot of portraits (mostly professional portraits for the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work). I've finally started accumulating plenty of photos although it's hard to find time to edit and process most of them.

The latest time-sucker for me has been to revamp my website. I've experimented with a couple of websites prior to this one so I could begin learning how to set one up (which I knew nothing about a couple years ago). I finally settled on this one and have been working on it for several weeks now. Website builder services such as Squarespace, Smugmug, and Wordpress all claim that you can get your website set up in 20-30 minutes. Lies. Well, at least if you want to have a well thought-out website, which takes quite a bit of planning, doing, and undoing. 

My hope is that this can be a good place for me to showcase my passion for photography, provide information about my portrait services, sell artwork, share photos, and keep a record of these activities via this blog. I have lots of ideas, but limited time. Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio and consider buying prints or booking a portrait session with me. 

By the way, I would LOVE some comments with any feedback you might have about this new website!

Until later...

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